Fall 2020 Re-opening Plan

      As the University plans for the Fall 2020 semester, we are doing so with the awareness that we are not only amidst a public health pandemic, but we also face growing social unrest nationwide that is influencing our academic planning. Howard University continues to monitor the (COVID-19) pandemic and is doing our part to help flatten the curve of the rate of infection, while maintaining services required to deliver an exceptional education to our students, and conduct critical research in the safest manner possible.

     The University’s Fall 2020 re-opening plan is the product of broad discussions held among the members of the President’s Fall Re-opening Taskforce, as well as 13 Fall 2020 Preparation Sub-Committees, with representation from more than 150 students, faculty, staff, local community leaders, and in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and federal government agencies, as well as local government. Further, the University surveyed students, faculty and staff to glean their opinions on various parts of the University’s operations for the fall. Our community’s collective voices are represented in the University’s plan.

     Please note that due to the nature of the COVID pandemic, the reopen plan is not static. As such, please refer back to the information within this website (and PDF) frequently for the latest updates.

Full Re-opening Plan (PDF) Coronavirus Updates

Re-opening Guidelines & Protocols